It’s Always Been A Sovereignty Issue Stupid!

A commentator this morning mentioned obvious sovereignty issues with EU countries not faring well under ...

The Children Are Not Alright But We Can Make It Right

See, it’s not just Americans who think every child having a mother and a father is the best for children and society. Even Europe where everything goes has its bulwarks against the insanity of s of families that are proliferating world-wide. Speaking to London’s Sunday Times recently, Scottish business owner Brian Souter says Scotland is in […]

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WordPress Updates to 3.1.3

Here’s a new security update for my fellow WordPress bloggers. Version 3.1.3 is available with assorted improvements. Check out the change log for more details on how they go about making various tweaks to the platform.

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Use Media.IO to Convert Files

Multimedia producers and digital artists. Need to convert your MP3′s to a specific format required by a particular piece of software? Give Media.IO a try. I had to convert a MP3 to a WAV file to finish a short animation in Autodesk Maya and it was quick and simple. Great converter for a wide variety […]

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WordPress Updates to 3.1.2

WordPress recently upated to 3.1.2 so if you’re behind on the revision be sure to download it today. According to “This release addresses a vulnerability that allowed Contributor-level users to improperly publish posts.” If you self host be sure to download the latest from or click your update buttons if you buy your […]

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Insights from My LinkedIn Event at the Wright Institute

If you ever get the opportunity to attend anything sponsored by the Wright Leadership Institute  don’t ask questions just go and take plenty of cards with you. I went to the Connect to Success with LinkedIn Networks and Training Event at their headquarters in downtown Chicago on Thursday May 5th and received a wealth of […]

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More Effective LinkedIn Connection Building

If you’re new to LinkedIn and you’re wondering how to make connections after you’ve filled out your profile, let me suggest an easy approach. The first thing you should do is join groups (the Groups link) of interest to you, be they professional, hobby or otherwise. Just make them fit your purpose. LinkedIn allows you […]

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